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I just put together a new video showing you how to use to find buyers to add to your buyers list.

I apologize in advance for the screen being so blurry.  I have no idea how that happened.  Technology continues to hate me…


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Here’s the link to BlockShopper:

Here’s the link to the Cash Buyer Ninja:

Author: Steph Davis

Happy Friday, Blogosphere!

It’s been a busy week over here in Steph Land.

I’ve been making lots of offers, marketing properties for my buddies, and hunting down new cash buyers to add to my list.

Of the 12 offers I made last weekend, 4 of them were rejected, 3 went to highest and best (I wasn’t the best on any of them), 2 of them I got counters on and am still going back and forth with the bank, and the others I never heard anything back from the agents, so I’m assuming they were rejected.

My buddy Lee (aka the REO Rockstar) just got a property under contract in my favorite hood, so I spent the morning trying to get it sold. I sent a few of my buyers out to look at it, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

I’ve also got 20 signs out in the neighborhood, so I should be getting quite a few calls from those. Tomorrow morning I’ll head out to get some numbers off of “For Rent” signs and call those people up to see if they want more houses.  I would have done this today, but it was getting close to noon, and the streets were starting to fill up.   Even though I thoroughly enjoy being whistled and barked at (who doesn’t?), I decided I’d rather go back in the morning when most people are still in bed with hangovers.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the MLS lately, just to see what’s been going on, and I noticed that the City of Tampa is now buying up quite a few REO properties in the neighborhoods that I work in.  So…. it looks like I will be competing with them for deals, too.


According to this article,  they have close to 14 million to spend, which will go a loooooong way, especially when they are purchasing properties for 20k and under.

Perhaps I need to look for a new favorite neighborhood.

Or maybe I should send the City a letter telling them they need to get the hell off my turf- OR ELSE. I got street cred in the hood, yo.

Well, that about wraps it up for now..

I’ll leave you with a hilarious video that Shae posted on Facebook today.  It sums up the REO offer-making process quite nicely…


Have a great weekend, y’all- and don’t forget to pick up a copy of my shiny new eBook- Flip This REO! Click here to grab one now!

Later Alligators..