Greetings everybody!

I’ve got a brand new video for ya today that shows you a cheap, effective, and very easy way to find motivated seller leads, cash buyer leads, and learn your “farm area” at the same time.

If you’re working on a shoestring budget or just looking for additional ways to find motivated sellers and cash buyers on the cheap…check out the video and let me know what you think!


Enjoy the video and have a fabulous afternoon!


To watch the video in full screen mode, just click the little square icon on the bottom right of the video to get a better view. :)

Happy Friday, y’all!

I’m pleased to announce that I found my Mojo and am up and at ‘em again- woohoo!

I should be good to go for another six months or so,  so don’t expect any more 2 week hiatuses (hiati?) for awhile..

Anywho, I’ve got some possible deals cookin’ that I should be finding out about by the end of the day.  One of them is a deal that Murphy got under contract 3 weeks ago.  I thought it would be a no-brainer deal for a buyer of mine that I have done quite a bit of business with.  The house fits his buying criteria perfectly- neighborhood, price, beds/bath, all that stuff..

I sent it to him 3 weeks ago and he wasn’t interested because it is too small.  He gets pickier and pickier every time I talk to him, and now he’s only buying stuff that is 1200 sf or more, concrete block, in nice neighborhoods, and 3 bedrooms/2 bath minimum.  Smart guy.  He’s got over 20 houses right now, and wants another 30.  He’s going to hold all of them as rentals (all are producing positive cash flow), and I’m guessing he’s going to be sitting on a freaking gold mine 10 years down the road..

So, anyway, he passed on the deal, but called 2 days ago to ask if it was still available.  He’s now working with a group of investors from outside of the US who want to do the same thing he’s doing, and apparently they want the property.

Long story short, we should be getting a contract for 64k by the end of the day (contract price with the bank is 58k), but I’m not holding my breath.  The title work on this one is ready to go, so if all works out, it should close by Friday of next week.  There are a few too many “ifs” and “shoulds” in that sentence for my liking, but we’ll just have to wait and see..

The other deal is a duplex that I offered on last week and just got a counter back from the bank yesterday.   I picked up a new buyer earlier this week from one of the signs I have out (I’ve got about 60 signs out right now),  and he just so happens to be looking for duplexes in this neighborhood.  He just bought one right up the street from the property I offered on, so I know he’s interested in this area.  Right now the bank is at 41k, and I need to get them down about 5k more.  I countered back this morning and am hoping to hear back from them by the end of the day.

If I don’t end up getting this one at my price, I’ll wait 2 weeks and have Murphy put in an offer and see if they will come down a little more.  Half of something is better than nothing, ya know..

Oh, before I forget, my buddy Patrick Riddle, AKA P-Rid, is holding the first annual “Battle of the REI Blogs” starting this coming Monday.   I’m up against some heavy hitters, so I really need for you guys to put on your game faces and help me out.  Some of the contestants are already starting to talk smack (not mentioning any names, TREVOR MAUCH), and I would really like to put them all in their places!

I’ll be back Monday morning to explain the details of the contest, so make sure to check back here bright and early.  I’m actually heading off now for a weekend long Top-Secret-Ninja-Blog-Battle-Boot Camp (it’s known in the industry as TSNBBBC), to brush up on my skills.. I hear it’s some pretty intensive training, so wish me luck!

Have a great weekend, Everybody! :)

Later Alligators..

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This has nothing to do with real estate, but if you’re into nature-y stuff like I am, you’ll appreciate this GINORMOUS dead snake they recently found in South Florida. Crazy!  If you look really close at the end you can see his fangs.  (Sorry to all my Facebook friends, I know you’ve already seen this a time or two) ;)