Recommended Resources

The Quick Flip Ninja: My comprehensive, step-by-step, A-Z training system for beginning wholesalers.  This no-fluff video training system walks you through the entire wholesaling process from beginning to end:  From analyzing your market, to marketing for motivated sellers, writing up the contracts, finding the buyers, and most importantly….getting PAID.  This no-fluff training system for beginning wholesalers leaves no stone unturned and puts you on the fast track to making big bucks wholesaling houses in today’s market.

The Cash Buyer Ninja: The #1 resource for finding the hottest cash buyers in any market . Over 3.5 hours of video training where I show you EXACTLY how to harness the power of the internet to build the hottest, freshest list of cash buyers in your town (without spending a penny on marketing, and without leaving the comfort of your own home!). A must-have resource for beginning and seasoned wholesalers alike.

Real Estate Investor Websites: InvestorCarrot provides clean, professional, flexible, and effective websites for real estate investors and wholesalers. If you’re looking to finally have a website for your real estate business that gets search engine rankings and drives you free seller and buyer leads, you’re looking in the right place.

Low Cost Proof of Funds Letters: Low cost proof of funds letters for making offers on listed properties.

Free Wholesaling Contracts: Get Free Instant Access to My Pro-Buyer Purchase and Sale Contract as well as my Assignment of Contract Agreement, along with step-by-step instructional videos where I walk you through how to fill out each form line by line.